This is the successor of NotEnoughResources. By adding world-gen.json to the JER config folder and toggling the DIY setting ingame you can make your own ore distributions. You can even use /profile [chunk amount] [all] to create a world-gen...[Read More]

MineColonies Mod is a SSP and SMP town building mod allows you to create your very own colony in Minecraft. Put your citizens to work and ravage Minecraftia for it’s precious resources. Minecolonies is a revival of the orginal MineColony mo...[Read More]

BasseBombeCraft Mod includes a collection of 40+ magical books and idols needed by BasseBombe when he plays Minecraft. Features: In creative mode the items can be accessed from the BasseBombe tab. In other game play modes, e.g. survival, th...[Read More]

Biome Paint Tools Mod allows people to change biome on certain position using pencil. How does it work? Craft biome pencil. (or use empty pencil) Sneak-right-click on the grass (or any other block). This will configure pencil to biome on th...[Read More]

This mod adds 8 types of cheese, 4 new food items, 2 new items, 6 new blocks. Recipes: Blocks Cheese Maker Comes in all plank colors. Used to obtain all types of cheese. Right-click with the milk bucket to start making cheese. You will get ...[Read More]

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