Nuclear Tech Mod basically uses the concept of a technic mod and combines it with explosives. You can craft different bombs, mine ten new ores and use new machines to create advanced materials. The main bombs all use a GUI controlled explos...[Read More]

Tinkers’ Addons Mod adds 4 new modifiers to Tinkers’ Construct: Features: Auto-Repair (levelable like the old version, caps at Auto-Repair V). Bonus Modifiers (level I, II and III), they work the same as the old bonus modifiers. The bonus m...[Read More]

Reforged Mod brings weapons from Balkon’s Weapon Mod to Minecraft. Most of our weapons have special features, like more damage when sneaking or similar. Features: There are 3 main ages of weapons to differentiate: Primitive: Weapons for use...[Read More]

The Crazy Bombs Mod adds 6 new explosives to your Minecraft World. You find powerful nukes as well as unique types of tnt you haven’t seen before. Create a giant explosion, form random blocks and even duplicate gold with your TNT. Some of t...[Read More]

Friendly Fire Mod will prevent pet mobs from being damaged by their owners. You can also edit the config file to prevent damage to baby mobs as well, however this is off by default. With all of the new weapons added by other mods, and the c...[Read More]

MoreCreeps and Weirdos Mod aims to add some of the freakiest, wackiest, enigmatic, and most fun things to Minecraft. The mod currently has many different mobs, different items and different achievements. This mod adds new cool mobs into you...[Read More]

SugiForest Mod adds the Sugi (Cryptomeria Japonica) tree, related blocks, items and the Sugi Forest biome to Minecraft. Sugi is a popular tree in Japan. That is seen everywhere. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install: Make sure you have a...[Read More]

Dubstep Gun Mod adds modeled guns to the game, a gun can be fired by clicking the right mouse button, stop it by clicking again, it shoots musical waves as a particle while playing a tune. Features: Main Guns: First Dubstep Gun – The gun th...[Read More]

More Vanilla Armors Mod adds many new types of armor to minecraft. It currently has grass, stone, leaf, dirt, wood, cobble, plank, bedrock, glass, sandstone, wool, bricks, obsidian, netherrack, quartz, netherbrick, endstone, stone brick, so...[Read More]

Master Builders Mod adds very many new blocks in the Minecraft world. Features: Slopes Slope spires Inner corners New Blocks New Decorations Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install Master Builders Mod: Make sure you have already installed ...[Read More]

More Planets Mod (Addon) is adding the new custom planets, moons, mobs into Galacticraft. An also adding our solar system planets. Solar Systems Custom Planets/Moons Diona Polongnius Nibiru Koentus How to install More Planets Mod: Download ...[Read More]

Vanilla-Inspired Teleporters Mod adds a teleporter block that fits seamlessly into the Vanilla Minecraft playing experience. Only one new block is created, which is the teleporter itself. Stand on the teleporter, and teleport with ease. Tel...[Read More]

Pearcel Mod adds items and blocks designed around the Pearcel item for a fun, joyful time in Minecraft. This mod focuses on random items and gadgets around the… Pearcel! It adds various pear-cel related items as well as some other cool stuf...[Read More]

Doggy Talents Mod is able to set your dogs to docile so that they are not attacking anything. As a matter of fact, this mod is made for anyone have a dog or just like dogs. You can switch their attack setting by right clicking on them with ...[Read More]

Corail Pillar Mod add 2 kinds of rounded pillar shape and extensible blocks that perfectly fit to vanilla textures (or your texture pack) for each kind of constructing blocks. This mod is very light weight (43ko) and contains 45 kind of Pil...[Read More]

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