Better Foliage is my re-implementation of some features of Better Grass and Leaves Mod. It makes your plant life a bit more verdant and fluffy by drawing some extra leaves on trees, and short grass on grass blocks. Usage The mod is client o...[Read More]

Complete Star Trek Voyager Map. With working technology! Texture Pack: MineTrek Mod: Optifine HD Compatible with all mods! How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. If the “saves” folder...[Read More]

This mod adds ‘dense’ versions of ore blocks that will drop 3x the items that regular ore will. It generates about 1-10 dense blocks per chunk (replacing already generated ores). for an overall increase in ores of about 5%. The textures for...[Read More]

Welcome to Iaven! From perfect world of balance of Meiva, to the lands of magic colors. Lone wanderer travels to Iaven to search there for the way to his lost home Theia. Overview Iaven is a magic island where each season, be it winter, spr...[Read More]

It is the day before Christmas but Santa can’t find his materials for the last present. Step inside this awesome adventure and help him! Santa needs your help in Christmas Village! Find your way to him by traveling through many fun puzzles ...[Read More]

You are getting bored with everyday life, so you want to go to a new place! You’ve decided upon Gliston, a beautiful town with a variety of people. But, when you get there, things are different than the brochures. People are vanishing left ...[Read More]

A Christmas adventure map unlike any other. DoubleUpGaming brings you a magical experience this holiday with Christmas – An Awakening. The game is set in the luscious north pole hemisphere deep within Santa’s workshop and village, you your ...[Read More]

Twas the night before Grinchmas, and 20 years later… Textures Test Rueville Whoville The Grinch’s Summer Home Rules: Use the custom Resource Pack Play on Peaceful (or any difficulty) Stay within the boundaries How to install: Download...[Read More]

Alien: A crafters isolation is a Co-Op or single player Adventure map which is based on Alien Isolation. It has custom textures, animated textures, Custom sounds and a dynamic Alien that hunts you down. How scary can Minecraft be? Just in t...[Read More]

A Sunstorm just drove through the world, leaving it to burn. You have found the last refuge of blocks: clay was fired by the heat, not destroyed. Along with the other survivors, you made it to this refuge. However, the land you traveled thr...[Read More]

As the title says so, this is technically a creepy mod in which you will have to raid all of these black houses to find treasures hidden inside! The real thing for this mod is that the premades and the environment is pretty realistic which ...[Read More]

This is a vanilla mob creation. It adds birds that randomly spawn around players that come in red or brown variants as well as baby and adult. They can fly, walk around, be fed, grow into adults, make nests, and drop items that can be used ...[Read More]

This map contains a collection of mini-games and arenas that take advantage of the latest technology of Minecraft version 1.8. It is recommended for more than one person, but it is possible for only one person to play the map. The map is al...[Read More]

Features: A texture pack faithful to the original game Thorns, fake thorns, and decorations Rolling animation for the character 49 different colours combinations 3 complete levels Percentage indicators for each level Coins and coins indicat...[Read More]

This is a fully functional Five Night’s at Freddy’s remake in Minecraft. Using a majority of the new 1.8 command features, as well as a combination of animated Armor Stands. Complete with moving animatronic animals, security cameras, power,...[Read More]

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