Many of you will be aware of Google Maps and how you can look around the earth in real time using your browser. Im sure you are aware of the tools that are available and it gives you the ability to zoom right in and look at buildings in pre...[Read More]

It’s Better Together Map is a custom puzzle Map for Minecraft, it is completely play able on Minecraft 1.2.5 .This is the 2nd Map from the developer. His first Map was very popular and was a puzzle map, it was the Prince of Minecrafti...[Read More]

The Uranium Mod is a very popular Mod so I am sure you will be aware of it. It adds uranium to the game, which is a new ore you can mine, and then you can do multiple things with the uranium dust you get from the ore. When you first mine th...[Read More]

The Fire Works Mod is very unique and I think I am right in saying there’s nothing even similar to this Mod. Fire Works Mod adds a fireworks box to the game which can be crafted, you can then choose to either right click the fire works box ...[Read More]

One thing that Minecraft is lacking is the ability to decorate your house. There aren’t a lot you can do to make your house your home. Yeah you can change your house so its set out different but basically there’s not a lot you can hav...[Read More]

Coupon 22 from the Minecraft Forum is one of those guys who makes many small Mods that slightly changes Minecraft but have fun or helpful impacts. Some of the Mods Coupon 22 has made could quite easily be in the game by default and some of ...[Read More]

The BoomBox Mod is a continuation of the Radio Mod which is now out dated, the guy who made the Radio Mod is no longer active. So someone decided to make the BoomBox Mod. This Mod allows you to play your own music in Minecraft. The Mod adds...[Read More]

Not only males play games and not only males play Minecraft ( I know surprising right). Some women have said that its sexist that there isn’t an option to make your character female if you wish, and of course the brilliant modding community...[Read More]

Nohero has created a great Mod which gives you the ability to earn more hearts in Minecraft, as you level up your character you will slowly receive more hearts. The more hearts you have the harder it is for you too die. This is a great and ...[Read More]

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