ProjectE Mod is a remake of Equivalent exchange 2 or EE2 for short. This mod adds all the old items and blocks back such as the destruction catalyst, Gem armor and of course Energy condensers. Transmutation tables, collectors, condensers, f...[Read More]

Default Options Mod is a way for modpacks to ship default settings without having to include an options.txt file (as that would override player changes). Default Options Custom Default Mappings Setting up Default Keys: Configure the keys ho...[Read More]

In Cyclic Mod, all the features are added to satisfy Minecraft players and surprisingly, these features are combined in this mod. There is a ton of random items and changes that have no consistent themes other than I thought they would be f...[Read More]

With Rock Candy Mod, you always starve while mining, and if you ever have starved before while mining, then this mod is for you. With this mod, you can mine blocks with edible drops. I also made completely configurable Ore Spawn. This mod a...[Read More]

The main point of Fun Ores Mod is to add metal ores that will be needed by other mods eventually so these ores will already be in your world when you add a mod that needs them. There is no need to hunt for new chunks. Every ore is highly co...[Read More]

Do you want to have more control of the way your tools look? You might like Silent’s Gems Mod Silent’s Gems Mod provides you with 32 new gemstones (12 in earlier versions) in the mod. These can be used to craft a variety of building blocks ...[Read More]

Geolosys Mod is a mod/modpack-friendly version of TerraFirmaCraft ore generation. In essence, it is a simple mod that adds geological systems to Minecraft’s world generation. It comes with an extensive config file (and GUI), and allows you ...[Read More]

Gammabright Mod is an advanced brightness/fullbright mod for Minecraft. This mod allows the game’s brightness slider to be overhauled, allowing for clear as day nights, fully lit caves, and crystal clear underwater views. So you can to get ...[Read More]

Biome Height Tweaker Mod is a small mod for adjusting the height and variance of Biomes in the game.  Usage Note: You must configure this mod. If you don’t configure it, all aspects of world generation will remain the default, thus this mod...[Read More]

Are you a modpack developer? Do you include a map in your modpack? Does this map sometimes need to be re installed by the user? Hardcore Map Reset Mod is for you. As a user to make a new instance click the “Create from template” button on t...[Read More]

Steve’s Carts Reborn Mod is a fork of Vswe’s Steve’s Carts 2 mod. It allows for the player to customize and design Minecarts that can be used for automation. This is showing the GUI of the Cart Assembler with JEI to the right of it. This is...[Read More]

Mystical Agriculture Mod allows us to use our orchards more than getting food. With this mod installed, players can obtain minerals, material resources and special seeds which give rise to these resources. Moreover, you can plant even mobs ...[Read More]

Borderless Windowed Mod is a very simple addition to the game that will allow you to make your game run in borderless windowed instead of the default fullscreen available in Minecraft. Advantages of borderless windowed versus default fullsc...[Read More]

TechReborn Mod is a remake of GregTech mod and IndustrialCraft 2 mod, from Minecraft 1.4.7, for modern Minecraft. It brings most of GregTech mod’s features and behaviours to Minecraft, with lots of tweaks, and a few additions. It is compati...[Read More]

SecurityCraft Mod adds exactly what the name suggests: Lasers, retinal scanners, keypads, unbreakable doors and more. Pairs well with mods such as Smart Moving, Secret Rooms, and the Wall Jump mod. You now have the option to set up password...[Read More]

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