[1.12.1] Gammabright Mod Download



Gammabright Mod is an advanced brightness/fullbright mod for Minecraft. This mod allows the game’s brightness slider to be overhauled, allowing for clear as day nights, fully lit caves, and crystal clear underwater views. So you can to get complete control over the brightness settings in Minecraft!

Main features:

  • Now running LiteLoader for greater stability!
  • Overhaul your in-game brightness with the tap of a key
  • Watch your brightness grow via the on-screen brightness indicator
  • Quickly adjust your brightness using the arrow keys
  • Customize Gammabright even further via its config file (see Configuration)
  • Never suffer through the darkness of night again!
  • See clearly while mining in dark caves, ravines, and caverns
  • Spot your enemy faster while engaging in PVP
  • Assist your viewers by giving your videos a brightness boost
  • Spot those pesky mobs before they see you…

FYI: The brightness percentage that is shown on screen when the mod is enabled is in sync with the percentage that the brightness slider shows.

How to control Gammabright:

Gammabright is controlled using the G key and the arrow keys. Below is a description of what each key does.

  • Press the G key to enable/disable Gammabright
    This key can be changed like any other keybinding through the “Controls” screen
  • Press the down arrow key to reset the brightness between 0% and the default
    If holding the sneak key at same time brightness will always jump to 1500% (Maximum Brightness)
  • Press the right arrow key to increase the brightness by 10% per tick
    TIP! If held long enough, brightness increment will double for quicker navigation
  • Press the left arrow key to decrease the brightness by 10% per tick
    TIP! If held long enough, brightness increment will double for quicker navigation
  • Press the up arrow key to hide the indicator. Press again to show
    If holding sneak key Gammabright will enter auto-hide mode (see Configuration below for details)


Config File Location: .minecraftliteconfigcommongammabright.json
Changing Gammabright’s configuration options is simple and quick! Here’s a list of the currently available options:

  • defaultGamma (default – 15.0): The brightness value Gammabright sets to when first enabled. You can change this to any value from 15.0 (1500%) all the way down to -7.5 (-750%) and your brightness will adapt accordingly.
  • hangTimeOn (default – 1500): This value represents the amount of time the indicator stays visible before retracting off the screen when autoHide mode is enabled (see below).
  • hangTimeOff (default – 750): Similar to hangTimeOn, this value represents the amount of time the “Gammabright: OFF” text stays visible after disabling Gammabright. Set this to 0 to remove this feature.
  • autoHide (default – false): Normally when Gammabright is enabled the indicator stays on-screen until the mod is disabled again. Enable autoHide to automatically hide the indicator after a predefined time (hangTimeOn).
  • autoEnable (default – false): When autoEnable is set to true Gammabright will enable itself on every world load without the need for you to toggle it. This can also be paired with autoHide if you’d like Gammabright to just do its thing and get out!
  • checkUpdate (default – true): If the update notifier is bothering you or if something has gotten screwed up on my end you can set this to false to stop the Gammabright update message from appearing.






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