Better Biomes Screenshots

Better Biomes

Tall, snowy mountains, ringed by low-lying woodland and filled with glaciers.Better Biomes Mod

Blossom Woods
A forest of cherry blossom trees with dark trunks and pink leaves.
Better Biomes Mod

Desert Archipelago
A sand filled archipelago with cacti and dead bushes.
Better Biomes Mod

Ephemeral Lake
A shallow lake with large, sandy shores filled with dead trees and shrubs.
Better Biomes Mod

Fir Forest
A snowy biome filled with fir trees, some growing up to 32 blocks above the ground.
Better Biomes Mod

Forested Archipelago
An archipelago of forested islands.
Better Biomes Mod

Low Hills
A relatively flat biome with the occasional tree. It resembles plains from 1.7.3 and earlier generation.
Better Biomes Mod

Mountainous Archipelago
A archipelago filled with tall mountains rising out of the sea.
Better Biomes Mod

A biome that towers above the surrounding landscape, frequently touching the clouds.
Better Biomes Mod

A green, marshy biome filled with lots of water and clumps of trees.
Better Biomes Mod

A high, moderately flat biome with scattered oak trees and shrubs.
Better Biomes Mod

A large, treeless expanse of gold-yellow grass.
Better Biomes Mod

A lush, jungle-like biome with no undergrowth and more tall trees.
Better Biomes Mod

Rocky Hills
A desolate biome filled with stone and cobblestone. The occasional emerald can be found.
Better Biomes Mod

Salt Lake
A large expanse of purple water (configurable in the new colour config file, for those who complain about the way Mojang did swamps).
Better Biomes Mod

Sandstone Canyon
A sandstone area filled with small patches of dirt and trees, and deep gorges where water used to flow.
Better Biomes Mod

An open plain containing scattered acacia trees.
Better Biomes Mod

A shrub filled plain with no trees.
Better Biomes Mod

Snowy Plateau
Similar to the plateau biome, snowy plateaus contain fir trees and shrubs and lots of snow.
Better Biomes Mod

A damp grassland biome with no plants but lots of mobs.
Better Biomes Mod

Tropical Archipelago
An archipelago of islands covered in jungle trees.
Better Biomes Mod

A snow-covered biome filled with flowers and low undergrowth.
Better Biomes Mod

Volcanic Desert
A desert spotted with pits of lava and the occasional volcano.
Better Biomes Mod

A dead area of gravel and dirt, filled with the dead trunks of trees that were unable to survive the heat.
Better Biomes Mod

A thinly forested biome filled with oak trees.
Better Biomes Mod

Fantasy Biomes

Forest of the Yggdrasils
A dense forest dotted with massive Yggdrasils, huge trees towering high above the surrounding forest.
Better Biomes Mod



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