CandyCraft Screenshots

CandyCraft Mod

A normal landscape in the candy valley.

CandyCraft Mod

Another landscape with a candy cane house generated (ladders are not generated)

CandyCraft Mod

A house made from chocolate, marshmallow planks and candy cane stairs

CandyCraft Mod

Your new friend (Warning: it is a little violent)

CandyCraft Mod

21 Achievements


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Suguard: Stupid, it take damage in water and attacking you at night or if you hit them.


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Candy Cane Pig: Just like a pig, it love dragibus and avoid humans.


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Chocolate dog: Like a wolf but love candy cane, it produce caramel on it back after sometimes.

(Need to be tamed, it produce more caramel under caramel leaves)

(Caramel can be picked with empty bucket)


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Cookie creeper: Odd stare, he is fast but very weak (5 fists in his head), NEVER heal him with a lollipop !


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Gummy bunny: Exist in 12977875 differents colors, love licorice, do not take fall damage, useless in this update.



Slime Queen:

Type: Mini Boss

Reward: XP, Slime queen’s secret record, Slimes dungeon key (Work in progress; Keep it)

The slime queen is a boss that can be found on top of trees in candy valley. It got 4 differents forms.

– Spleeping, the slime don’t move, don’t attack anyone and heal itself.(Color: Black)

– Attacking, the slime will try to jump on you, it jump really high. (Color: Pink)

– OverPowering, the slime will jump a lot faster (Color: Blue)

– Out of Control, the slime will make explosions when jumping (Color: Brown)

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More to follow……


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