Dungeon Crawler Screenshots

New Items:

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Five new weapons:

  • Knives
  • Sharp sticks
  • Bone clubs
  • Rockshots
  • Pebbles

More of a tool than a weapon, these are created by placing one of your material of choice on top of a stick. These are the best tools for breaking crafting tables and webs. Craft them with rotten flesh to get a raw porkchop! They can also be used in some crafting recipes to make them shapeless or get more/better salvaged material (see the knife section in crafting). They will eventually be throwable.
Rule number one about survival: you need a knife.

Sharp sticks:
Can be made by crafting a stick with a knife. It’s basically a stick with the Sharpness II enchantment, but it breaks after 16 hits and cannot stack. Can be used to craft spike traps.

Bone club:
Made by crafting a bone on another bone or by a bone with a knife. Weaker than a wooden sword, but lasts longer and is good at squishing bugs.

Ever wished you could use those stacks of cobblestone in some way? Shoot them at stuff! Craft any valid block with gunpowder and a rockshot and fire away! Needless to say, you’ll need to recraft after every shot. Valid blocks/items:

cobblestone, dirt, torch, redstone torch, gravel, sand, netherrack, arrow, fire charge, TNT, soul sand, mossy cobblestone, glowstone, stone brick, iron block, smooth stone, grass

This one is really fun in creative mode.

Craft a block of gravel, get pebbles, throw pebbles. Crafting with a knife yields more pebbles. Each pebble is effectively a snowball, except it actually deals one damage (half a heart).

4cb2d  FPCoiJy Dungeon Crawler ScreenshotsOne new armor set:
* Bone armor

One new armor ingredient:
* Chain links

Bone armor:
Armor made from bones. Less protective overall than leather, but has Projectile Protection I.

Chainmail armor:
Want armor better than leather or bone, but only have a little iron? Each iron ingot can be crafted into three chain links, which can be used to craft chainmail armor.

Leather armor:
Rotten flesh and cooked meat can be smelted into leather, just make sure you don’t starve yourself!
4cb2d  Jz92RgF Dungeon Crawler ScreenshotsThree types of bomb:

  • Improvised
  •  Fire
  • End

All bombs come in three sizes – small, standard, and large. Crafting two of the smaller size together makes the larger, and crafting one of the larger size makes two of the smaller.
Crafting a bomb with a pressure plate on top results in the mine counterpart of the bomb.

Your standard explosive. The medium size is crafted by a string above two gunpowder (like an upside-down sword). All bombs are considered improvised, but these are the only ones that get the title.

These are the same as standard improvised bombs, only fiery. Crafted by a string on gunpowder on blaze powder.

These (sort of) teleport entities in the blast radius. Crafted by a string on gunpowder on an ender pearl.

4cb2d  Cz91Xao Dungeon Crawler ScreenshotsFour types of mine:

  • Improvised
  • Fire
  • End
  • Gas

These can be placed in the world and will detonate when hit, touched, or even just shaken a bit too hard. They can be disarmed by right-clicking them with shears or a knife.
All mines have a one-time trigger effect and are then gone forever, but can be placed quickly and easily.

Your standard explosive. Crafted by a pressure plate on an imp bomb of any size.

These are the same as standard improvised mines, only fiery. Crafted by a pressure plate on a fire bomb of any size.

These (sort of) teleport entities in the blast radius. Crafted by a pressure plate on an end bomb of any size.

These explode into a cloud of choking gas. The cloud lingers for ten seconds and, obviously, impairs vision and suffocates entities nearby.

4cb2d  QutOvgW Dungeon Crawler ScreenshotsSix types of trap:

  • Spike
  • Poison
  • Fire
  • End
  • Launcher
  • Crippling

These can be placed in the world by holding down the right mouse button on a block and will trigger when walked on. They can be disarmed by right-clicking them with shears or a knife.
All traps must be reset by right-clicking them (with anything) each time they are triggered before they can be triggered again.
In the trap pictures, the trap on the left is set, and the trap on the right has been triggered.

4cb2d  RWgyiQM Dungeon Crawler Screenshots

Your standard trap. Deals damage and gives mobs a little bump.

4cb2d  fdC8aEJ Dungeon Crawler Screenshots

The poison trap is a spike trap, but with poison on it! Yay?

4cb2d  IL4K3RM Dungeon Crawler Screenshots

This trap sets the ground around it on fire when triggered!

4cb2d  X1x4xJQ Dungeon Crawler Screenshots

Contrary to popular belief, the end trap does not end you, it just teleports you somewhere random, which might end you. (Doesn’t work on players currently.)

4cb2d  IuYg2eu Dungeon Crawler Screenshots

Known in some nations as the “piston trap”, the launcher trap throws entities into the sky! Twelve blocks into the sky, to be exact.

4cb2d  FQqi2Qz Dungeon Crawler Screenshots

This is obviously not what the trap will look like when it is finished.
Based on a trap made for the mythical creature “bear”, the crippling trap really hurts the ankles of whatever is unlucky enough to step on it.



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