Ex Nihilo (Skyblock Companion) Screenshots and Recipes


These are barrels. They come in all four wood flavors. You say that you can’t get all the different trees in Skyblock? Now you can! Alas, I’ll get to that in a moment. So back to the barrels…

Ex Nihilo Mod

What good are they? So glad you asked.You can fill them with random stuff, like so:

Ex Nihilo Mod

Give them a little time…

Ex Nihilo Mod

TADA! Fresh squeezed, brand new, sparkly clean DIRT! Just right click to take it out of the barrel.

Ex Nihilo Mod

What can be composted?

Oak Saplings

Oak Leaves

Spruce Saplings

Spruce Leaves

Birch Saplings

Birch Leaves

Jungle Saplings

Jungle Leaves

Rotten Flesh

Spider Eyes





Brown Mushrooms

Red Mushrooms




Baked Potatoes

Poison Potatoes



Pumpkin Pie


Melon Slices


Lily pads


Sugar Cane

Tall Grass

Nether Wart

Pork (raw and cooked)

Beef (raw and cooked)

Chicken (raw and cooked)


Fish (raw and cooked)

Barrels 2

Did you know that barrels fill in the rain?

Ex Nihilo Mod

I wonder what happens when you mix this really fine dust with a full barrel of water…

Ex Nihilo Mod

Is… is that clay? YES!Also, this is a thing. A very very dangerous thing. I don’t recommend it.

Ex Nihilo Mod

At least until you make one of these…

Ex Nihilo Mod

Barrels 3

So water barrels have a strange relationship with Mycelium…

The extra moisture might cause mushrooms to spontaneously erupt from the ground.

Ex Nihilo Mod

The spores that rise from the tainted soil have a strange effect on the water though…

Ex Nihilo Mod

The resulting water is just brimming with dark powers. DO NOT DRINK! NOT KOOL-AID!

You can try mixing some sand with it though.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Barrels 4

If you should find yourself with some extra lava… (Honestly, who DOESN’T have gallons of the stuff sitting in cupboards, am I right?) Try adding just a pinch of redstone dust.

Ex Nihilo Mod

It should quickly congeal into a dense mass. The product of this combination seems to have unique heat-producing properties…

Ex Nihilo Mod

Alternatively, you could try adding some glowstone dust instead.

Ex Nihilo Mod

This new stone is instantly cold to the touch. Very spooky. Tastes a bit like processed cheese.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Barrels 5

In a misguided attempt to create ice cream I stumbled on this recipe of dubious usefulness.

Simply mix some milk with a barrel of water.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Give it some time to ripen…

Ex Nihilo Mod

And scoop it out by the handful. It makes a great glue. Strangely enough, it tastes a bit like egg yolk. Not bad actually. Don’t let it sit too long, or it might get hungry…

Ex Nihilo Mod


Next up, hammer time! (I dare you not to sing it in your head…)Hammers smash blocks into smaller pieces, like this cobblestone for example…

Ex Nihilo Mod

Just beat it up a little bit aaaand, instant GRAVEL!

Ex Nihilo Mod

Not good enough you say? Okay, give it another go!

Ex Nihilo Mod

Behold, SAND! Surely, you can’t smash sand can you? YOU CAN!

Ex Nihilo Mod

Dust? What can you do with dust?

More hammer stuff

Also, if you’re feeling adventurous (or just greedy) try smashing iron or gold ore with a hammer.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Ok, now what can we do with these…?

Ex Nihilo Mod

Try putting 4 of them together… You’ll probably have extra in your inventory, but thats a GOOD thing, because every once in a while you’ll have enough to get a free block!

Ex Nihilo Mod

Then we can smelt the gravel…

Ex Nihilo Mod

Want more free metal? You could always smash the gravel too. Each time you smash the ore down, you have another chance of having a little left over to add to your next ingot.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Just remember, you can only smelt BLOCKS. The items have far too little metal content to smelt by themselves.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Still not enough? Maybe a magical lucky hammer would help…

Crafting Recipes

So how do you make all this stuff?Like this:

Ex Nihilo ModEx Nihilo Mod


The crook has a lot of uses.Firstly, it is great for taking care of animals.

Ex Nihilo Mod

A quick right click will pull the animal to you and away from those dangerous ledges. That should buy you enough time to repair a fence or fix a wall.

If an enemy does manage to spawn on your island, hitting it with a crook will do exactly zero damage. However, it will shove the enemy backwards. With some planning, you could arrange for them to be shoved into the void.

And finally, the improved reach allows you to better inspect leaves as you break them, making it twice as likely to get saplings (and apples) from leaf blocks as you break them.How do you get your hands on one?

Ex Nihilo Mod


Most people don’t know this, but with a crook and enough patience you might find a tiny silkworm hiding in among the leaves…

Ex Nihilo Mod

If you let it free on a nearby leaf, it will colonize the tree with renewed vigor, slowly spreading to nearby leaf blocks!

Ex Nihilo Mod

Truly, these industrious little workers can perform miracles… They won’t leave any leaves uneaten!

Ex Nihilo Mod

Be careful though, because once your wiggly friends finish with a tree, there won’t be enough living foliage left to replant any saplings.It does make a great source of string though! The closer to white the leaves are, the more silk you’ll get, so make sure you give them enough time to work!

Ex Nihilo Mod

If you want to get more silkworms, try using your crook on the infested leaves! If you manage to accumulate a lot of the little guys and you get pretty desperate, they are pretty high in protein…

Ex Nihilo Mod


Once you have your silkworm farm going, you might consider trying a Sieve.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Just throw some stuff in there with a right click.It’ll accept dirt, gravel, sand, dust and soul sand.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Right click a lot, or just right click and hold…

Ex Nihilo Mod

In no time, out pops your reward. If you’re lucky… If not… You’ll just have to keep trying.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Here’s how you make them.

Ex Nihilo Mod

So what can you get out of them?

More items will be coming soon, but the current list is…

From dirt:

Stones (Always)

Wheat seeds (Common)

Grass seeds (Common)

Melon seeds (Uncommon)

Pumpkin seeds (Uncommon)

Sugarcane seeds (Uncommon)

Carrot seeds (Rare)

Potato seeds (Rare)

Oak seeds (Rare)

Spruce seeds (Very Rare)

Birch seeds (Very Rare)

From gravel:

Flint (Extremely Common)

Broken Iron Ore (Very Common)

Broken Gold Ore (Very Common)

Coal (Common)

Lapis Lazuli (Uncommon)

Diamond (Very Rare)

Emerald (Very Rare)

From sand:

Crushed Iron Ore (Very Common)

Crushed Gold Ore (Very Common)

Cocoa Beans (Uncommon)

Cactus seeds (Uncommon)

Jungle Tree seeds (Rare)

Ancient Spores (Very Rare)

From dust:

Pulverized Iron Ore (Very Common)

Pulverized Gold Ore (Very Common)

Bone Meal (Common)

Gunpowder (Common)

Blaze Powder (Uncommon)

Redstone Dust (Uncommon)

Glowstone Dust (Uncommon)

From soul sand:

Nether Quartz (Always)

Nether Wart (Uncommon)

Ghast Tears (Rare)


Crucibles use heat to melt things.

Ex Nihilo Mod

They require a heat source directly beneath them to function.

Anything that burns can be set on fire. Netherrack is nice because it lasts forever. If you’re low on resources, a lit furnace could do the trick. Even a torch can work in a pinch. Keep in mind though, the lower the quality of the heat source, the longer it will take to melt things.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Just right click to add something to melt…

Ex Nihilo Mod

Then give it some time…

Ex Nihilo Mod

To make one, combine some clay with bonemeal to make porcelain, and carefully sculpt the crucible.

Ex Nihilo Mod

After that, you’ll need to fire it in a furnace to harden the porcelain.Ex Nihilo Mod


Grass Seeds:Use them on dirt to start growing grass.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Ancient Spores:Use them on dirt to start growing mycelium.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Cows seem to have a strange allergic reaction to these spores. Use at your own risk!

Ex Nihilo Mod


If you are lucky with a sieve you might find seeds for (from left to right) oak trees, spruce trees, birch trees, jungle trees, sugar cane, cactus, potatoes or carrots.

Ex Nihilo Mod


I wonder what happens if you use a hammer on smooth stone?Let’s give it a try.

Ex Nihilo Mod

Stones? These fit perfectly in my hand. I’m suddenly overcome with the urge to throw them at EVERYTHING!

Ex Nihilo Mod

Or perhaps I’ll just put them back together. Better safe than sorry.

Ex Nihilo Mod

I also found some of these little things while sifting dirt. That might be useful to know if I should ever find myself without any lava handy…


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