Famous 2 Recipes

Butter Portal Placer: 
“GBG”,= Gold Block
= Butter

Atlantic Portal Placer: 

= Water Bucket
= Atlantic Ingot

Atlantic Safety Kit:
Two Atlantic Ingots.

Red Stone Brick
Put an Brick and 1 redstone in the crafting table.

Blue Stone Brick
Put an Red Stone Brick in the crafting table.

Butter, Atlantic, Ninja, Squid, Jerry Swords:
These sword’s are crafted like vanilla once only with other ingot’s.

Iron Ingot, Leather

Fire Blade
Block of Gold, Block of Diamond, Lava Bucket

Fire Sword

H = Fire Blade
D = Diamond
S = Handle

Wand Of Notch

S =  Blaze rod

D = Block of Diamonds
– = Nothing

Furnace Lava: 1 Bucket of Lava into the crafting table will het you 4 Furnace Lava.

There are some more recipe’s, it is best to use NEI (Not Enough Item) To find them!


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