InvisibLights Recipes


This mod adds 1 Block and 2 Items, where the Items are the only relevant things.

b93e7  InvisibLights Mod 5 InvisibLights Recipes

bbfd9  InvisibLights Mod 6 InvisibLights Recipes

  • To place a light source: Right-click with the Light Rod. It will consume at least 1 Glowstone Dust from your inventory. If you have more, it will use 2 Glowstone Dust per light source.
  • To toggle light source visibility: Shift-right-click with any Rod. A Sound will play and you will see / no longer see the light sources. When they are disabled they will act like air.
  • To destroy a light source: Light sources need to be visible! Right-click (no Shift) on the Light Source using a Rod of Darkness.

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