Magiz Screenshots

The “Ion Cannon” spell, unleashing hell onto a cliffside.

The powerful blast of the “Explosion” spell.

The “Tornado” spell, throwing blocks into the air (like falling sand/gravel).

Using the “Bulldozing” spell to dig up softer blocks, with a safe explosion.

Making a stone quarry, using the “Blast Mining” spell, without breaking the items dropped.

Mod demonstration:

The in-game Wiki item will guide you through the mod, and show you all the crafting recipes and spells

The Wiki’s frontpage.

Uncharged Staff, the core of using magic.

Magical Energy Condenser, to convert your xp levels into Magical Power Orbs, used as ammo to cast spells, and in different crafting recipes.

Uncharged Spell, the paper on which a spell will soon be applied.

List of spells (this is page 1).

A spell, with it’s name, tier, crafting recipe and description.

Charging a staff.

Wielding an uncharged staff.

About to use a Magical Energy Condenser.

Poof, the Magical Energy Condenser converted your levels into Magical Power Orbs!

Wielding a charged staff.

Casting a spell.

The spell was cast, and in this case (using the “Squidification” spell) it spawned a protective barrier of squids.


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