Mineralogy Recipes

Stone and Cobblestone
crafting example Mineralogy Recipes
The new rock types can be used in the place of stone and cobblestone in vanilla Minecraft recipes.
If you need cobblestone, use this recipe (or you could make a cobblestone generator using lava and water):
craft 2 gravel blocks + 2 rock blocks = 4 cobblestone blocks
recipe cobblestone Mineralogy Recipes
You can now smelt gravel directly into “stone” blocks.
recipe stone Mineralogy Recipes

Stairs and Half-Slabs
mineralogy recipe slab Mineralogy Recipes
mineralogy recipe stairs Mineralogy Recipes
All rock types that have polished versions can be crafted into stairs and slabs (the polished blocks can also be made into stairs). Stacking polished slabs on top of each other makes for nice stone columns.

drywall Mineralogy Recipes
These panels are crafted from gypsum and paper and can be colored like wool.
recipe drywall Mineralogy Recipes

Gun Powder:
1 Saltpeter + 1 Sulphur + 1 Charcoal = 4 Gun Powder
1 Saltpeter + 1 Sulphur + 1 Sugar = 4 Gun Powder
recipe gunpowder Mineralogy Recipes

Mineral Fertilizer:
Mineral fertilizer is even better than bonemeal for growing crops because a single use fertilizes a 3×3 area.
1 Saltpeter + 1 Phosphorous = 1 Mineral Fertilizer
recipe fertilizer Mineralogy Recipes



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