More Swords Recipes


Blaze sword

Damage- 2 hearts

Durability- 400 uses

Hellfire Enchant- shoots fireball on right click, costs 1/4 durability

Passive- deals 2 hearts of fire damage over time


Blood Sword

Damage- 3 hearts

Durability- 1500 uses

Vampirism Enchantment- right click to gain a lot of power, costs durability. hitting a mob heals 10 durability


Bone Sword

Damage- 1.5

Durability- 200 uses

Futile Enchantment- Acts like bonemeal on right click


Draconic Blade

Damage- 3.5 hearts

Durability- 750 uses


Eye End

Damage- 4 hearts

Durability- 1750 uses

Ender Pulse Enchantment- shoots enderpearl. user does not take damage when teleporting.


Glass Sword

Damage- 2.5 hearts

Durability- 15 uses


Infinity Sword

Damage- 3.5 hearts

Durability- 650 uses



Damage- 1.5 hearts

Durability- 750 uses


Molten Edge

Damage- 2 hearts

Durability- 300 uses

Special- deals 4 hearts of fire damage over time.


Aqueous Blade

Damage- 2 hearts

Durability- 300 uses

Ice aura enchantment- inflicts target with slowness 1


Master Sword

Damage- 3 hearts

Durability 2750 uses


Wither Bane

Damage- 1 heart

Durability 1000 uses

Decay Enchantment- gives target the wither effect.

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