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New compact storage blocks!
2014 03 21 033208 zps58200fd1 MoreCraft Screenshots

Netherwood trees in the Nether!
2014 03 21 033733 zps2bb38a5c MoreCraft Screenshots

Imagine what you can build with Netherwood! Netherwood doors and chests!
2014 03 21 034336 zps3c84f50f MoreCraft Screenshots

Ender bricks! Matches the End well!
2014 03 21 033358 zpsb426d2a6 MoreCraft Screenshots

Are these… ruby ores? Yes, RUBIES! (Meant to be less rare than diamonds, but still rare.)
2014 03 21 035702 zps17a52bd9 MoreCraft Screenshots

And what’s this? Stone stairs? Hurray!
2013 03 13 152913 zps3524657e MoreCraft Screenshots

Comfortable spider silk clothes! Expensive though. Offers moderate protection but is very durable.
2012 12 17 111222 zps10564d2e MoreCraft Screenshots

A true warrior might get their hands on the Wither set! Legendary, of course!
2012 11 02 182100 zps78c44936 MoreCraft Screenshots

The New Tweaks

Enderman drops carried blocks on death!
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This mod can be played on SMP and LAN, as long as the host/server has the mod installed and all clients have the mod installed.
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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are many blocks, items and recipes to discover!

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