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Power Ore

You’ll find this fairly common ore in your worlds. Keep this ore stable, because when you explode it, it will send out raw power! The raw power will not only damage you if you touch it, but it will also fly away from where the ore was and eventually dissipate.

Raycraft Mod

Power Holder

This is your first step to controlling the raw power! You notice that obsidian seams to be slowing the raw power down in its path to freedom, you crudely fashion a box to hold the raw power. Right click the power holder on the raw power to capture it.

Raycraft Mod


You see how this raw power in a more controlled state could empower certain blocks and items. it is powered by attaching a power holder to the bottom of the block (right click) and giving it a redstone signal. Upon use, it will fire out a few power packets, which will infuse any block they touch. Keep in mind, just because a packet hit a block, its not a 100% infusion, there is a bit of randomness!

Raycraft Mod

Power Shield

You experiment infusing raw stone with the compacted power, and you realize that the power repels its self, and manage to infuse normal stone into a type of shield that seams to stop the raw power from the power ore in its tracks!

Raycraft Mod


By cramming a ton of power into one packet, you notice it has the power to dissolve stone! Not only will this device break stone blocks, but it seems to refine ore into a more usable state! It also seams to free more raw power than a standard explosion would. It is operated the same way you operate an infuser.

Raycraft Mod


This device takes to unpredictable nature of the infuser's packets and refines them down into a single point, perfect for infusing items! (It looks a lot cooler in world!)

Raycraft Mod


Using all your previous knowledge you made the perfect packet distributor, a gun! This phaser stores a certain amount of raw power and said power can be used to fire packets that can not only mine blocks, but also can be used as a powerful weapon!

Raycraft Mod

Power Cube

By making a cube out of power shields, you have made a simple yet effective way to store power. Right click it with a power holder to take power out, and shift right it to put power in!

Raycraft Mod


This is simple a bomb you throw, but be careful, it will destroy anything in its path. You also notice that it is freeing more raw power than normal from power ore.

Raycraft Mod

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