Sailcraft Recipes

There are 6 new items and blocks in this mod. You can get every item using crafting:

Thick plank.

24753  I7VNVKO Sailcraft Recipes


84b14  bYc5ks6 Sailcraft Recipes


84b14  N1ANOs1 Sailcraft Recipes


84b14  vEBT8Ob Sailcraft Recipes


84b14  mY8vVy5 Sailcraft Recipes

And finally obtain the ship:

84b14  mcZe1hT Sailcraft Recipes

Use the ship:

The main piece in this ship is the anchor, with the anchor you can drop the ship, build the ship…

  • Click right in the anchor will build the ship.
  • Click left in the anchor will drop the item ship.

If you hit the ship, it will be build in the place. Block per block. For use again the ship you only have to click right in the anchor.



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