Simple Portables Recipes



  • Portable is Anvil, Ender Chest, Enchant Table and Workbech in one item. Portable takes damage when you open any portable GUI or when you craft something in Portable Crafting!
  • Durability: 200

How it works?

  • Anvil – Standard vanilla anvil.
  • Ender Chest – Access to player Ender Chest.
  • Enchant Table – Work like vanilla block, but max level depends on player EXP Level. You don’t need books!
  • Workbench – Standard workbench.

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Portable Core is used to craft Portable.

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  • Remote Block gives you remote access to blocks. This item takes durability when you link it to something!
  • Durability: 10

How it works?

If you SHIFT + RightClick on any Vanilla block with inventory (excluding blocks from Portable) Remote Block connects to it. You can open GUI with information and delete connection button by pressing SHIFT + RightClick on any block without inventory (e.g. dirt, stone). To remote access block simply right click with Remote Block in hand.

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Remote Core is used to craft Remote Block.

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