Spider Queen Screenshots

A list of things Spiderqueen had, (so people can work on them now-ish)

A type of Spider for every mob. All mobs (with some exceptions) could be captured, the only one’s that didn’t have models of being bundled any mobs not seen in this picture:


There are two versions of the webbed mob entity. 1 where it was still okay and webbed, Skeleton always looked so   ed, animals would Derp out expression wise:


The picture above this one of course showing all the webbed mobs after being bitten, also note the huge bite wound on the side of their head and the grayer appearance.

The first is a bundle of web that was used to grappling hook essentially, the second is a wand that would control your Spiderlings that you made from implanting an egg to a webbed mob, each mob made a different type of spider, and the third is a bundle of web which is throwable like a snowball and would bundle any mob that was low health. It would auto-bundle most peaceful mobs in one throw, some hostiles needed to be damaged first! Would like to see a system where she just passively generates webbing to use where she needed it tbh! Much more efficient system and this is a mod where you should be able to start out differently as the queen!


This was her main web, it just functions as a bed….. Meh!”



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