The Hunt Screenshots

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Traps: There are two blocks, a normal trap and poisonous one. They clamp the entities that walk on them down, and the poisonous one poisons them. It seems that even Enderman can’t escape?

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Hunting Shotgun: This is the first weapon I created for this mod. It has different animations when you run. There are two types of ammo for this, normal and incendiary. The shotgun is a close range weapon, as I have made it do more damage at close range. The incendiary ammo will set the entity on fire and still do damage. Press right click to shoot.

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Hunting Rifle: This is for use at longer ranges. Holding right click will zoom in and releasing will release a powerful bullet, instant killing most entities. A scope will be displayed and you need to also take in to account bullet drop.

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Hunting Knife: This is a item that cannot be crafted, you need to find it in dungeon chests! This acts as a normal sword but without the ability to block. It is also to be used on a dead deer, allowing you to obtain more venison from it.

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Deer: Finally we have the deer. The deer is a new mob that will not harm you. Deers do not like palyers and will try to run away from you. They have a wide range eyesight so will see you easily. They spawn in forest and plains biomes. Upon death, they will fall to the ground. Killing the fallen deer will give you venison which can be eaten raw or cooked in the furnace. Using a hunting knife on a dead deer will give you more venison.

That is all for now…more will be added to this mod soon.


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