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Concrete – This is the main feature of the Concrete module of this mod.

It provides liquid concrete, which can be poured and hardens to solid concrete.

Liquid Concrete is crafted in the Mixer, Place sand, Gravel and cement in the two rows of slots. Then place a bucket of water in the lone slot. It will consume 3 sand, 4 gravel, 1 cement and 1 bucket of water per 8 buckets of liquid concrete produced. Place a tank in the same slot as the water buckets to extract the liquid concrete.

Water can also be piped in via buildcraft or other pipes to the top of the structure, and concrete can be piped out of the sides or bottom.

Liquid concrete shortly after pouring on flat ground

KCTFWBU Thut’s Mods Screenshots

Partially dried concrete, with some of it painted

7nGu2dx Thut’s Mods Screenshots

a simple rebar structure

z5d0m8a Thut’s Mods Screenshots

pouring concrete into it (spout provided by Thut Tech, poured into the small hole contained by dirt at the top)

tsMKY6m Thut’s Mods Screenshots

qMTgSYi Thut’s Mods Screenshots

Reinforced concrete is mostly dried, some has been painted

hYI4fOv Thut’s Mods Screenshots


poured some liquid asphalt

SADJL9H Thut’s Mods Screenshots

poured some asphalt, this can also be painted (not shown)

bJtyIRe Thut’s Mods Screenshots

MultiBlock Structures:

  • Lime Kiln – This burns coal or other furnace fuel and is used to convert calcium carbonate based materials into Lime, A common CaCO3 source is bonemeal.
  • Dust Furnace – Uses the same fuel as the above, converts stone to dust, dust and lime are used in the recipe for cement.
  • Mixer – This is currently used to craft liquid concrete, it will also be used to craft asphalt as well, once the prerequisite materials are added.

MultiBlock Structure Instructions: (needed for crafting things in Thut Concrete)

All of the multi-block structures added consist of the following:

  • Build the basic structure, normally made out of bricks or stone bricks.
  • Place the active block where it should be in the structure, then right click it.
  • All of the basic structure blocks can then be right clicked to access the mult-block, pipes work to any of them as well.

Dust/Lime Furnace:

Note: Build this structure with Bricks for the Lime Furnace and Stone Bricks for the Dust Furnace.

ezIiLtR Thut’s Mods Screenshots

vqHFize Thut’s Mods Screenshots

u0wE6vR Thut’s Mods Screenshots

TEFEcW4 Thut’s Mods Screenshots


Use hoppers for best results, place sand, gravel, cement and water buckets into a hopper feeding the mixer, then use a second hopper below to extract the empty buckets. place an empty tank into the lone slot to extract the concrete.

S96Hlcq Thut’s Mods Screenshots

fs8s7KP Thut’s Mods Screenshots

Rt2gsqs Thut’s Mods Screenshots

Automation with BuildCraft

qa6t6q4 Thut’s Mods Screenshots

HHA7Frx Thut’s Mods Screenshots


This currently adds Elevators

Basic Elevator Instructions

Step 1 – Build the Elevator

First build the following structure

EGbeFzy Thut’s Mods Screenshots

Then right click the bottom block, and it should turn into this:

xFVP29q Thut’s Mods Screenshots

Step 2 – Place the controllers

Place the controller block, a few block above where you want the base of the elevator to be for that floor

QJSUfWx Thut’s Mods Screenshots

use the device linker to rotate it (right click side you want buttons on), note, currently bugged and sometimes the texture appears wrong way around, That will be fixed shortly.

WNpF9tX Thut’s Mods Screenshots

repeat this to add more controllers.

Step 3 – Link Device Linker to elevator

Shift right click the base of the lift, it should say “lift set”

vNJzhm0 Thut’s Mods Screenshots

Step 4 – Link the controllers

for each controller, shift right click the number that you want that floor to be, It should say Set this Floor to (number)

uCVUXpX Thut’s Mods Screenshots

Step 5 – use elevator

Right click the number associated with that floor to make it move to a floor, you can stand anywhere on the elevator you want.

rRR8nTH Thut’s Mods Screenshots


Adds volcanos and worldgen needed for Thut Concrete.


Actual dynamic, growing Volcanos

g7USG8R Thut’s Mods Screenshots



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