Wallpaper Screenshots


You can now place your wallpaper on a wall:

d6e43  Wallpaper Mod 1 Wallpaper Screenshots

It is possible to change the texture by right-clicking on the wallpaper while having another wallpaper in your hand.

d6e43  Wallpaper Mod 2 Wallpaper Screenshots

When you will place another wallpaper close to an existing one, it will automatically take the same texture.

d6e43  Wallpaper Mod 3 Wallpaper Screenshots

You can still change a texture by right-clicking it anytime you want.

d6e43  Wallpaper Mod 4 Wallpaper Screenshots

If you have some dye, you can then color a texture by right-clicking it with dye equipped.

49947  Wallpaper Mod 5 Wallpaper Screenshots

If you want to remove a wallpaper, you need to have the item in your hand or an axe. It is possible to combine the wallpaper with any item on the wall: Torch, Painting…

49947  Wallpaper Mod 6 Wallpaper Screenshots


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