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World Gen:

First of all, Astral Crystals. They are a crystallized form of energy that exists in the world. They are the basic material and are used in many recipes. To mine it, you need at least a stone pick.

Ancient Remains are remaining pieces of ancient technologies.

Breaking this remains will result in it dropping one of the four items:

By researching them you can discover and recreate machines and items, once used by the ancients.

Also, while wondering endless plains, you can find Ancient Pyramids – place, where the ancients kept their belongings.

Inside, there’s a block. If you make it work, an ancient passage will open and lead you to treasures. But beware! Horror and mystery await you inside!


Workbench is a basic block that allows you to assemble other machines.

Each assembly, though, requires a specific amount of fuel.

To use ancient technologies, you have first to discover them. For this you have to do 3 things:

1) Find relics:

Relics are nature-created items that have certain properties. There are 4 types of relics: 3 found in the world, 1 crafted. World-generated are:

The one craftable is ender relic:

Water relics are found near shores in water (rivers, for example). Fire – in lava lakes (11-th level is your best bet). Nature – on trees (less trees – easier to find).

2) Generate research material

You’ll need a research shard generator.

After you got one, place 10 of any of  in there and wait for result.

3) Complete the discovery

After you have gathered all the necessary materials, it’s time to discover. Craft a Research Table.

Place relics and a couple of Essences of Knowledge in there, select one of available discoveries and click the button. You’ll have results in no time!

After you discover an item or block, you’ll be able to craft it. Here are some examples of what you can create:

Rain Controllers are piece of technology that allows controlling of weather through sub-astral matrix disruption. Needs two crystals on the ground near it to operate (throw on the ground before or after placing). Also, the sky above them should not be obstructed.


Lava Generator is a device that drains energy from crystals and converts it into useful matter that can potentially kill you… Horribly… Maybe… Just throw a crystal on it and right-click it with a bucket. But DON’T stand in there. Nothing good can come out of this. Or can it?

Digger is a complex hi-tech machine that can do mining for you! BUT it doesn’t create huge holes in the world. By the means of Ender sub-space matrix it digs only ores, leaving landscape untouched. Requires 5 crystals near it to operate (throw on the ground before or after placing). Scans 5×5 area. Has a 50% chance to break when finished.

Astral Teleporter: this device is a very powerful piece of technology. It allows its owner to teleport to a certain spot in subdimension and then return to the exact place he left (right-click it there again)! What’s even more important is that it’s portable! Just right-click and see for yourself!

About astral dimension: it’s a dimension where there’s a personal island for every player. You can build your own base, or use it as a drop point for when you’re mining and run out of space. If you fall off the island, you’ll be safely teleported to the Overworld’s spawn point.

Advanced Astral Teleporter: A stationary Teleporter. Place it in the world, right-click it with a portable one, throw in a crystal and you’re good to go!

Crystalizer is a mechanism that converts carbon-based materials into crystals. Simply place 8 coal around a diamond and watch it happen.


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