Aerithis… New MMO-style server in development

Some friends and I have always wanted to make an MMO, for years now we have been bouncing idea’s off each other. We have years of game history and thousands of stories. Of course we can’t put everything we want into this project, but we can come damn close!

The Aerithis Project is our vision of an MMO… Minecraft style! I recently textured a resource pack for our server, as well as re-textured some mod GUI’s to be more fitting with the theme. Because lets face, the basic GUI is bland.

So far our list of features includes:

– Grouping System

– Classes and Levels

– Questing galore

– Factions and Repuation

– Dual Wielding, Shields, Throwing weapons and mage weapons.

– Dungeons and Raids

– Special dungeon and raid gear

– Economy and Trade System

– Hirelings and Pets

– Massive selection of weapons and armors

– New recipes, blocks, and materials

– Custom spawns (monsters and animals)

– RPG Style map (Rei’s minimap)

– Secure housing

– Secure banking system

– Massive cities

– Realistic World Generation (real feeling mountains, lakes, fields, forests, etc)

And so much more!

Check us out at

We’re looking for modders, builders, and site-managers to help out with the project. Currently there is just 3 of us, and if the project makes any money through donations then we’ll discuss all that. Feel free to message me here or on our site.

Minecraft away my friends!

Happy 4th of July Weekend.


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