How To Grow A Successful YouTube Channel

Hello guys.As my first post,I preferred to make it a helpful guide on how to be a successful YouTuber!Follow the steps as I tested and you will run a successful YouTube channel and gain 50+ subscribers daily

First Step:

  • Follow How Famous YouTubers Do:aThere’s a wide variety of famous YouTubers out there!PewDiePie,SkyDoesMinecraft,etcetera…Pick ideas!Their recorders,their ideas,their topics,their tags,and their titles!I am not saying COPY THEM;pick ideas and make something slightly identical to it!
  • Don’t Cheat:Many fake and poor qualified YouTubers with their videos are out there,and you may question yourself how they get so much views and subscriptions?!.The answer is:Subscriptions:Sub4Sub System:Where you offer someone to subscribe to you and he subscribes to you.Views:The ViewBot system,downloaded by a survey,and it’s malicious to systems but works doubtlessly.If you want to be a successful YouTuber like me and my friends,don’t ever use those systems!
  • Don’t Use Text:Buy a decent Headset and Microphone,and use it.Mine is a world-known Stereo Headset,and it costed me just $14.99!But my advice,don’t by a random,buy a good condition,which means the microphone should give a clear sound,and the Headset should let you hear as if you were living inside the game or the tutorial!And what I mean by don’t use text,I mean don’t use document.txt or microsoft document,follow the steps above.
  • Talk Clearly:If you speak clearly,the subtitles-also known as C Cs,will be correct.Once,I watched a video with the YouTuber on it mumbling while talking.The video was about a MineCraft Let’s Play,and the subtitles were about on how to bake a pie.Luckily,my fianceé used that recipe and yummy,:).
  • Watch Your Language:Especially in video games,keep the swearing and cursing to the minimum,or mute your swears with a beep in Windows Movie Maker,tutorial @The Meejah Channel channel.And if you can,don’t curse at all.There might be children under ten watching minecraft videos or any video games walkthroughs,so be sure to keep your violence pure.
  • Use A Decent Screen Recorder:The one I’m using is Apowerlimited Pro,it’s paid but I suggest Ezvid or Windows Compression Encoder 4 for best performance.
  • Try To Make Your Videos HD aka High Definition:People these days like to have,watch,and eat everything that’s name is HD.Don’t know how?Search it up on YouTube!It’s not necessary for YOU to watch it HD,think about them people out there how will drop you likes and subscriptions if you make it HD.

Thank you guys for reading my first post & my first tutorial on the new minecraft-forum!Did I miss anything?Please put it in the comments and I will put it,and credit you :).


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