Team Deathmatch event with $300 prize pool!

Complete with dates, officials, and prize money, Solid State Gaming is ready to bring the Dandy Deathmatch to life! Registration was supposed to open June 22nd, but I have the whole administrative side of the event completed so I figured why not start now!

(official event forum thread[1] )

The game mode is a plain team deathmatch. Matches in the group stage will all take place in the same arena. Each step up the elimination ladder will feature a new arena that will be revealed at an earlier date on stream. A copy of the walkthrough will also be uploaded to YouTube, however the arena will not be available for download during the event. Teams will start in an armoury at the beginning of the round and will exit into the arena when a round starts. A team will forfeit a round if they do not leave the armoury. If a player remains behind they will be forced to sit the round out. PvP will then commence and teams will have 5 minutes to eliminate each other before the round is automatically ended. If the time limit is reached the team with the most players left is granted the win. Teams will play first to 5 victories, which means a total of 9 rounds can occur in a match. Another quirk of our event is the armouries will contain a limited number of supplies. There will be enough weapons to make it through every round, but only if you ration them properly. Other equipment may not be the same. For instance you may find the arena only has 4 health potions for the whole match, or four full sets of armour.

Team layout:

There will be 8 players from a team on the field at a time. You are allowed to register up to 5 alternates for a total of 13 players on a team. You must register at least 8 people on a team, however come play if you are only able to field fewer than 8 you will still be allowed to play. But if the other team is able to field 8 they are allowed to do so.

Registration form is here[2] . After we reach the 16 team cap a post will be made with the registered teams. All other teams will be put onto a waiting list. If teams drop out before the bracket stage we will invite teams from the waiting list to enter in at the lowest seeded spot on the bracket.

Tournament Play

There will be a group stage and a bracket stage. The bracket stage is a 16 team single elimination, and we’re only accepting 16 teams, so the group stage acts as a seeding stage and no teams will be eliminated during this time. The group stage will consist of pools of 4 teams each. With the bracket included, you are guaranteed 4 matches in this tournament.

Prize pool:

The prize pool for this event is $300. The team who finishes first will receive $200 and second will receive $100. PayPal will be used as the medium to transfer the funds. Your registration email should be the same as your PayPal email! You will be reminded to do this in the registration form as well. When the winning team is decided the prize pool will be divvied up amongst the players.

Tournament timing:

All matches will be hosted between the hours of 7-10PM Eastern Standard Time. Master Schedule can be located here[3] . It will be up to you and your alternates to properly coordinate your schedules to these timings. If you are not able to commit to one of your scheduled matches we will do our best to work with your team and the opposing team to reschedule. In the event that rescheduling the match is not possible you will unfortunately be forced to forfeit the match that your team cannot play. Please note that “pool nights” will take up a large, one night block between July 6th to 9th. After this all play nights will take place on weekends.

Like always, if you have any questions just ask!

Interested in playing but don’t have a team? We’ve developed a subforum where you can make a post to try and organize teammates.[4] At the moment it will be relatively unused, but don’t be afraid to start a post! We’ll be advertising this forum as much as we can so that individuals can start to find teams!


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