Towny Reverting land on unclaim

Hello there Im looking for help with mainly configs but one part in particular towny I’m having trouble with the land revering on unclaimed town chunks iv gone over and over the file but i have no luck its frustrating here is what it looks like

# *** WARNING***
# If this is enabled any town plots which become unclaimed will
# slowly be reverted to a snapshot taken before the plot was claimed.
# Regeneration will only work if the plot was
# claimed under version 0.76.2, or
# later with this feature enabled
# If you allow players to break/build in the wild the snapshot will
# include any changes made before the plot was claimed.
enabled: ‘false’
speed: 2s
# These block types will NOT be regenerated
if anyone can advise or has know this to happen to them any help would be appreciated



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