[1.10] Atilliary Facilities 3 Map Download

It’s time to take the easy life with your new robotic friend in hand. Having just saved SADoS from suicide (Atilliary Facilities 1), you two decide to make up your differences and be the best of friends. SADoS wants you to show him the beauty of the outside world.

Fate, however, has other plans.

Additional Information:

  • For minecraft 1.10.
  • It will not work in multiplayer.
  • The map requires you to hold SADoS at all times, unless you right click him on packed ice to progress the story. Packed Ice represents areas that SADoS can attach to and manipulate. It’s suggested to hold SADoS in your shield slot with the F button.
  • In fact, don’t throw away ANY items ever! Only left or right click with them.
  • SADoS has a lot of dialouge, so feel free to explore, since he may comment on things, but he can only do it if you’re holding him!
  • An optional resourcepack with a full soundtrack can be downloaded here.




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