[1.11.2] Parkour Valley Map Download

Unique style of a parkour map with insane attention to details! Parkour is basically built around you.

Wherever you look you’ll see parkour. It’s a unique and fun concept that you’ll probably love.

Useful Information:

Parkour is medium difficulty and not repetitive. It gets harder as you progress. If you don’t fail any jump (almost impossible) it will take you around 10 minutes to complete the map.

The map has been tested many times but if you encounter any bugs report them on my website by clicking THIS. The map is very well optimized for any PC/MAC.

Even More Useful Information:

Play in ADVENTURE game mode and in PEACEFUL difficulty. You can play alone or with friends without any problems but make sure you enable command blocks if on a server!

Map is made in 1.11.2 version so if you play in any version higher than that it will all work just fine.

Even Even More Useful Information:

Making these maps takes a lot time which I lately don’t have so if you’re a YOUTUBER please put the link of this page in the description of your video.

If you want to support me even more, you can put my youtube channel link as well -> http://bit.ly/skolionyoutube.




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