[1.5.1] Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World Map Download

You you enjoy Medieval era video games, sword, armor and horseback while exploring vast forests, taking castles in their complex and foreboding architecture?  Do you want to take your Claymore sword and claim the land that is rightfully yours, tearing at wild beasts and mythical creatures, firing arrows into hordes of enemies and slaying mighty dragons?  I think you will enjoy the large and well make Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World map for Minecraft!   This has some of the most awe inspiring landscapes, rolling hills covered in meticulously designed buildings, castles and beautiful green, lush gardens.

Guruth's Medieval Fantasy World Map Guruth's Medieval Fantasy World Map Guruth's Medieval Fantasy World Map Guruth's Medieval Fantasy World Map

More images in the screenshot section above

This map comes with a bat installation folder so it is very simple to install the texture pack with it, making it look so much better than standard Minecraft.  There is some intense amount of detail, huge sprawling cities to traverse and explore every single nook and cranny.  Its hard to put into words just how amazingly detailed this city is and its not even 100% complete yet.  Check this out immediately if you enjoy maps whatsoever.  There are strip mining sections, massive castles, gardens, ship yards, lighthouses, sewers and just so much more.  The following video will really do more justice, so take a look:

Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World Map Main Features

  • Incredibly massive, fine tuned and gorgeous city
  • Many, many things to see and explore, rivaling a current gen video game in sheer things to see

Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World Map Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Amazing detail, tons to look at with a suberb texture pack to boot
  • Cons: Not 100% complete, no story yet.

How to Install Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World Map

  1. Get the Texture Pack for this map here
  2. The Shaders
  3. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  4. Find the Saves folder located inside
  5. In the Saves folder you need to place the entire folder of the Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World map inside
  6. Run minecraft and select the Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy World map you are ready to play
  7. (Optional) Run .bat file to install texture pack and shaders

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