[1.5.1] The Escape Adventure Map Download

Do you like to delve into deep twisting and maze like puzzle facilities, testing your strength, mind and agility?  Perhaps you find a strange pleasure in the cold steel hallways of potentially deadly adventure or maybe you like living out a fantasy of escape!  This map, The Escape is a greatly detailed puzzle escape adventure map for Minecraft in which you solve, jump and think to survive your trials!  From cold steel hallways with fiery lava pits that scorch your face, baking your flesh as you transcend the depths to grassy, vegetation plastered ruins of ancient buildings long since abandoned.   There are varied areas, tons of traps and nice scenery in some of the areas, cool redstone work, save points and many other cool features that make this map a fun experience. There are a lot of puzzles, tons of creative traps and many obstacles that you will encounter on your perilous journey that awaits you in the creepy corridors of potential death.  This map was created with and works really well with the Faithful Texture pack (download here).

The Escape Adventure Map The Escape Adventure Map The Escape Adventure Map

If you want to face dangerous challenges wrought with intense puzzle solving action, you should install The Escape right away!

The Escape Adventure Map Main Features

  • Tons of creative and challenging puzzles
  • Dangerous pitfalls and terrifying deadly traps
  • Awesome redstone creations that hide behind the cold steel walls

How to Install The Escape Adventure Map

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Navigate to your .minecraft folder and locate the Saves folder
  3. Download the Escape file and open the contents with WinRAR (or similar)
  4. Copy folder into the Saves folder


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