[1.5.2] Funland Map Download

This map was inspired by the real theme park in which there is these rollercoasters, icecream shops, snack shops, horror houses, and other games. This funland is very big and i’m sure your steeve won’t stand you walking him around in miles (our steeve walked from nation to nation before… why would he give up by just walking around a park?). There are also a story line for this mysterious fun park and later on the game you will start to ask yourself question about who is the owner of this funland? who is this mysterious man? are there secrets in the funland? and stuff like that. The map is very much enjoyable WITHOUT cheats so don’t try downloading mods and things that will ruin the fun of this funland.

Funland Map Main Features

  • A great haunting story line!
  • A very VERY big theme park in which you will be adventuring at
  • Lots of exciting roaler coaster
  • The kind solomon’s lost mine is also one of the mysterious one
  • House horrors is always one of the things I love in these funlands, will you like it like me? that up to you :D
  • The evil tomb stands there… so what are we waiting for?

How to Install Funland Map

  1. Extract the map on your desktop (to make things easier)
  2. Open your start menu and type “%appdata%”
  3. Find “roaming files” (If your not already in there)
  4. Find “.minecraft” folder
  5. Then “saves” folder
  6. Copy and paste your map here
  7. DONE!


  1. incredible simply incredible, the detail and depth its loads of fun and interesting

  2. how do you copy???



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