[1.6.2] Temple Master Map Download

[1.6.2] Temple Master Map Download

Temple Master is a large adventure map that features many many traps and smart puzzles that are completely resetable, so no having to reset the world if you mess up!


  • No client mods
  • Many Redstone Puzzles
  • Many Traps and parkour levels.
  • Auto Resetable traps and puzzles, so no risk of damaging map if played properly!
  • Checkpoints, even if you die!
  • 5 Large dungeon like Temples to explore!
  • All this in one easy to run package.

How to install Temple Master Map for Minecraft:

  • 1. Download Temple Master Map
  • 2. Extract and open the extracted files
  • 3. Inside Temple Master Map folder simply click on Run Temple Master 1.6.2.bat
  • 4. Open Minecraft and go to multiplayer.
  • 5. Click on Direct Connect and type in the IP: localhost:5565

Macintosh and Linux users

  • Follow windows steps up to step 2 and then open the Server folder inside the Temple0.3.0 folder.
  • Once that is done, click OSX_Launcher.command or LINUX_Launcher.sh

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