[1.8] Goldmine Map Download

Have you been looking for a decent adventure map to play? Has your search gotten you poor results? Well Good news! I found a pretty neat map that makes you have a purpose. The story is you are a father who wants to support his family. You and your family are struggling with poverty and starvation.  So to get money, you begin searching for a gold mine. Why not get a normal job instead you may ask? One might think it’s because you want fame and glory? No. It’s because you want the very best for your family. But your struggling with the thought that your daughter might not make it through the week. So because of this, you must hurry. So that’s a pretty interesting story and makes you feel like you have meaning. The action, puzzles and everything else was nicely done. I personally felt like I wasn’t doing too much of everything. I would recommend this game to friends who play Minecraft as well.

Goldmine Map Main Features

  • Is an adventure map
  • Is fairly long
  • Has fighting in it
  • Also has puzzles in it

Goldmine MapGoldmine MapGoldmine Map

Rules for the Goldmine Map

  • Don’t cheat
  • Don’t use mods
  • Follow the instructions
  • You may craft anything you want
  • Do not destroy anything man-made
  • You may cut down trees
  • You may fix anything creepers destroy

Goldmine Pros and Cons


  • Is a very well made map
  • The combat system was nicely done
  • The puzzles were challenging enough


  • The first puzzle with the three stone blocks was really confusing

How To Install the Goldmine Ma

  1. Download the Goldmine Map
  2. Type in %appdata% into the search bar and click on ‘Roaming’
  3. Next click on ‘.minecraft’ and then ‘saves’
  4. Drag and drop the folder that’s inside the Goldmine .zip into the ‘saves’ folder
  5. Enjoy!


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