[1.8] Playable Guitar Map Download

Guitar? One of the most popular music “things” from all the others music things. If you don’t know “guitar” then you shouldn’t know what music is. Because all over the world people are playing guitar left and right. Whether the biggest or the smallest people in the world. Guitar is now known world-wide, but never in Minecraft. Some people tried doing it but didn’t receive much attention. But, this guy, again, i must admit he is a very awesome Minecrafter! disco_! All the credits goes to him. As you know, Playable Guitar map isn’t an electric guitar, only a simple one. There are chords that you can step on and play. Very cool! Take a look at this video and you may get something:

Playable Guitar Map Feature

  • 10 Basic chords for you to use!
  • Play any song you want.
  • Press on/off lever and then press loop.
  • After that just step on the desired chords you want!
  • Turn off the machine every time you log out.
  • To change chord awesomely, step on the chord, then on the 1st beat step of, then reach the other chord before the 1st beat of the next bar.
  • Try it now!
  • *Note* You can try opening easy songs in the internet and look up some chords!

How to Install Playable Guitar Ma

  1. Download Playable Guitar Map
  2. Open start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>saves.?
  3. Then extract the folder into the saves folder inside .minecraft.
  4. Run and choose that map you downloaded.
  5. Enjoy playing!


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