[1.8] The Black House Map Download

[1.8] The Black House Map Download

As the title says so, this is technically a creepy mod in which you will have to raid all of these black houses to find treasures hidden inside! The real thing for this mod is that the premades and the environment is pretty realistic which means you will be creeping with yourself in the rest of the games. There are quests and new adventures waiting for you inside this map if you have your imaginative mind on. This map is one of the good maps i would recommend you trying and believe me, downloading this mod doesn’t waste your time a single bit! its worth it!


The Black House Map Main Features

  • 400k texturepack
  • New blocks
  • Lots of premades
  • Black houses
  • Adventures waiting inside
  • TNT can be defused with your brain running alittle

How to Install The Black House Map

This map works best with DokuCraft Texture Pack
that texturepack need you to patch minecraft using an MCPatcher so don’t forget to do so!

  1. Extract the map on your desktop and rename it as world1 which will replace your world 1 slot in the game
  2. Find your “.minecraft” folder by going to “start”, “run” then type there “%appdata%”
  3. Go to “saves” folder
  4. Copy and paste your map here
  5. DONE!


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