[1.8] The Mistral City Map Download

The Mistral City Map for Minecraft 1.8.8, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2 is an accurate and extensive re-creation of the ‘Mistral City’ map that was shown in the series ‘The Shadow of Israphel’ by the Yogscast! The creator of this map has done a fantastic job of re-creating this famous landscape, and has shared it with the community so that everyone can enjoy it. Adam Francis, the developer, has been working on this project for a very long time and is updated often. This map has over 6,500 downloads and I can see why. If you’re a fan of the Yogscast then I am sure that you will love this map!

The Mistral City MapThe Mistral City MapThe Mistral City MapThe Mistral City MapThe Mistral City Map

Mistral City Project Map Main Features!

  • In this map, you can have access to several noticeable locations around the famous Mistral City!
  • The latest update of this map added Skull Pass.
  • You can now also visit the famous Carnival with Strongman Bruno!
  • Verigan’s Hold and the Desert are also popular places to visit!

Mistral City Project Map Pros and Cons!


  • You can do whatever you want with this map, enjoy, explode, explore!
  • This map can be downloaded for both SMP and client!


  • Although this map is making good progress, as of yet it isn’t actually 100% complete!

How to install the Mistral City Project Map!

  1. First, download the Mistral City Project Map.
  2. Then, extract the files to your desktop with WinRar.
  3. Go to: %appdata%/.minecraft/saves and drag your files into there.
  4. Launch Minecraft.
  5. Select the correct save file from your saves screen.
  6. Enjoy your new map!

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  1. welp its cool i guess



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