[1.8] The Story of Gorgoth 1 Map Download

Are you bored of playing regular old default Minecraft? Do you want to discover a whole different world and become engrossed in a winding tale of mystery! Well look no further, this map may be for you!

Time Travellers arrive in the Year 1500. They discover a hidden temple and uncover a mysterious skull. Advance through the map and discover the secrets hidden within!

The Story of Gorgoth Map FeaturedThe Story of Gorgoth Map

Map Information + Good Stuff!

  • You can experience everything that this map has to off on your own or with friends!
  • This map is all about adventure, jumping puzzles and combat galore!
  • This map requires the ‘Normal’ difficulty setting!
  • A custom texture pack is available for DOWNLOAD.
  • Collectible items are found throughout the map!
  • Explore varied and diverse Environments!

Rules of Gorgoth!

  1. You must play on at least Normal Difficulty.
  2. As always, you are not allowed to break blocks unless told to do so.
  3. The checkpoints are implemented into the map to help you, make sure you make full use of them- they come in handy!
  4. Explosions are always fun! Enable those pesky TNT Explosions!
  5. To create a mystical and frightening atmosphere, play with 50% lighting!
  6. Render distance must be on short or higher!
  7. To avoid problems with the mazes provided, install Anti-Creeper!

Positives and Negatives!

Upon further inspection, I found that the story was a bit difficult to follow- You have to pay a keen attention to this map if you want understand it. The creativity and builds on this map are higher than average but detail is lacking. Although you die a lot, The Map itself isn’t too difficult. I do think however that this map IS WORTH a playthrough. Although the map is only available for 1.5.2 updates are immanent and fixes are regularly occurring! I hope you enjoy this map!

How to Install The Story of Gorgoth 1 Map

  1. The installation for this mod is fairly simple!
  2. Get the texture pack here (You’d need MCPatcher or Optifine for the texture pack)
  3. Go to: C:\Users\”pcname”\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
  4. Unpack the .zip folder from the Download with WINRAR and copy all the files there.
  5. Run Minecraft and Done!


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