Class Action Map Download

Class Action Map Download

A Minecraft objective-based PVP Arena with a class selection system!  Similar to capture-the-flag type maps, but with a bit more flair!  For at least two players, but works much better the more you have.



  • Objectives!
  • Class-based PVP!
  • Resourcefulness!
  • Pumpkins!
  • Automatic victory detection!
  • Beacons!
  • Swords!
  • Blood-infused carnage!


Infiltrate the other team’s base, and destroy their precious emerald blocks, before they can destroy yours.  The first team to destroy the three blocks from the other team wins.  The blocks are pretty easy to find, as the beacons directly above them act as waypoints.



Now, this map would definitely be incredibly boring if that’s all there was.  Fortunately, it’s not!

Class Selection:

There’s 9 different classes to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, and each to fit a different play style.  For reference:

  • Assassin – Get revenge on your enemy the best way possible: by stabbing them while invisible!  Incredibly frail, but also incredibly hard to see!  The ultimate one-hit-point wonder!
  • Scout – Jump higher, run faster, and capture quicker!  Run circles around your enemies, and endlessly taunt them until they’re too tired to continue!
  • Knight – Without a doubt the most balanced class.  Not the strongest, the toughest, or the fastest, but it gets the job done.
  • Tank – Laugh as your enemies’ swords bounce off your skin as if they were made of rubber!  Slowly go through foe after foe, and watch as their pathetic attempts to harm you end in vain!
  • Archer – Pick off your enemies from a distance, killing them before they can even see you!  Prove once and for all that a good warrior doesn’t need to use a sword!
  • Healer – Some may call you the weakest class, but you better.  They may be laughing at you now, but they won’t be when you’re the only one who can save them from a slow, painful death.
  • Beserker – Take all that pent-up rage you have, and unleash it the one way you know how: 30 seconds of pure fury!  Become completely invincible for 30 seconds, and then die instantly after your deed is done.  The honorable way of a true warrior.
  • Builder – Fortify your defenses!  Impede your enemies!  Clear paths for your teammates!  Your enemies may laugh now, but you’ll be the one laughing when they can’t past your impenetrable wall.
  • Wizard – Throw potions!  Throw Ender Pearls!  Pretend you’re casting spells!  No one has more control over the magical arts than you!


Other Pictures:

2013-09-15_15.28.56 2013-09-15_15.29.42



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