Survival Horror Map for Minecraft


3b632  Survival Horror Map Survival Horror Map for Minecraft


  • The first thing you need to do is save yourself by sleeping in the bedroom.
  • Get some weapons and press start.
  • Defeat the monsters.
  • When the lights go out, you need to start the generator in the shed, simply spam the button and it will start.
  • The lights will flickers, you need to use the breaker to fix the lights.
  • After a short amount of time, the lights will go out once again.
  • Just get back to the generator and repeat the previous steps until you clear 25 waves or die.
  • The steel doors are randomly closed or open, find the way in!

Remember to manage your food, potions and weapons!

There is a lot of hidden chests and places, look around and remember to use the enchanting tables!the enchanting tables!

button Survival Horror Map for Minecraft

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button Survival Horror Map for Minecraft

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