[1.10.2] Mob Totems Mod Download

e1977  Mob Totems Mod [1.10.2] Mob Totems Mod Download

It’s called MobTotems. Purpose of this mod to become a fully fledged modular magic system where players can practice an assortment of totem magic.

e1977  mob totem mod 1 10 [1.10.2] Mob Totems Mod Download

e1977  Mob Totems Mod 2 [1.10.2] Mob Totems Mod Download

For now; craft a totemic focus:

e1977  Mob Totems Mod 3 [1.10.2] Mob Totems Mod Download

With your totemic focus in hand, right click logs to carve it into a totem wood block.

Next craft the Sacred Light block. This block will stop mobs within 32 blocks of it from spawning. You can extend it’s range by placing it on top of stacked totem wood blocks. Each totem wood block will extend it’s range by 16 to a maximum of 64.


Minecraft Forge

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