[1.11.2] Ceramics Mod Download

Ever wanted more uses for clay. Wanted clay armor or clay buckets. This is for you. Ceramics Mod is designed to add more uses for clay buckets & armor into the early game.

Ceramics Mod minecraft Logo

Inspired from clay bucket of the Tinker Tweaks mod, Ceramics mod adds into the game these following functions:

  • The mod adds clay bucket to replace the default one. The clay bucket can hold cold liquid (it breaks if comes into contact with hot liquid like lava). Ceramics mod can automatically update new fluids/liquids from other mods to support them.
  • Clay armor replaces Leather Armor (not really useful as clay is harder to get than leather).
  • Shear clay is sharper than shear iron and has higher speed but with lower durability.
  • New decorative mod porcelain, similar to stained clay.
  • Clay barrel is a new upgradable container to hold more liquid.
  • More decorative blocks of different shapes and colors.

Ceramics Mod for MInecraft 1

Ceramics Mod 1

Ceramics Mod 2

Ceramics Mod 3

Ceramics Mod for MInecraft 2

Ceramics Mod for MInecraft 3


Minecraft Forge


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