[1.11.2] Simple Tree Drops Mod Download

Are you tired of only getting apples from your trees? Do you want a greater variety of fruits to include in your diet? Then Simple Tree Drops Mod is the mod for you. This mod adds a new fruit item for each type of leaves that doesn’t drop any fruit in vanilla.


Here’s a list of drops added in this mod:

  • Spruce Leaves →  Walnuts (0.5% chance)
  • Birch Leaves →  Peach (0.5% chance)
  • Jungle Leaves →  Banana (0.5% chance)
  • Acacia Leaves →  Orange (0.5% chance)
  • All Leaves → Stick (5% chance; 2.5% chance for Jungle Leaves)


Simple Tree Drops also adds new farmer villager trades, unlocked as third tier trades:

  • Emerald →  Walnuts (5–7)
  • Emerald →  Peaches (5–7)
  • Emerald →  Bananas (5–7)
  • Emerald →  Oranges (5–7)



Minecraft Forge

Note: Simple Tree Drops might cause your game to freeze while loading a world. If this happens, close the game and disable all loot in the configuration. The configuration file can be found at .minecraft/config/simpletreedrops.cfg


Download links for other versions:





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