[1.4.7] CubeBots Mod Download

Making your Minecraft life cubely-automated


  • Download Minecraft Forge.
  • Unzip Forge into %appdata%/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
  • Unzip downloaded CubeBots file into the same jar or place the zip into %appdata%/.minecraft/mods

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CubeBots Screenshots

1d475  CubeBots Mod 1 CubeBots Screenshots

a874c  CubeBots Mod 2 CubeBots Screenshots

cd618  CubeBots Mod 3 CubeBots Screenshots

80ace  CubeBots Mod 4 CubeBots Screenshots

52eb4  CubeBots Mod 5 CubeBots Screenshots

52eb4  CubeBots Mod 6 CubeBots Screenshots

4d71f  CubeBots Mod 7 CubeBots Screenshots

b758f  CubeBots Mod 8 CubeBots Screenshots

CubeBots Changelogs


  • Fixed cubebots sometimes can not jump over 1 block
  • Fixed Chest Marker tile entity id conflicting
  • Increase cubebot spawn rate
  • Increase chance for a breeder to breed another breeder (still very low, only about 0.09%)