[1.4.7] More Health Enhanced Mod Download

More Health is a complete overhaul of the health system. You can gain more health (hearts) with heart containers crafted from 4 heart pieces (found in most chests and dropped by bosses!!) and/or gain health through levels (exp). You can completely customize your starting hearts (set it at 3 for Zelda nostalgia!) and max hearts (caps at 30 hearts!). In addition, you can customize the level ramp, which included the levels you earn hearts at. Finally, you can choose to turn the heart items mode and RPG mode on or off.



  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Go to %appdata%/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
  • Drag all the contents of the “add files to minecraft.jar” into the minecraft jar.
  • Don’t worry about that config folder, it’s for servers. You can leave it alone! Unless you want to edit the multiplier setting or something ASAP. Then, drag the config folder into %appdata%/.minecraft unless the folder exists. If so, just drag the config file into the .minecraft/config folder
  • Run minecraft, enjoy

Download links for other versions:








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