[1.5.1] Better Storage Mod Download

This mod adds more storage options, like Reinforced Chests and Storage Crates, as well as locks and keys for its chests.


  • Install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod .zip file from the link at the bottom of this post
  • Put the .zip into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done.

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Better Storage Screenshots

6765c  icon reinforced chest Better Storage Screenshots

Reinforced Chests

Reinforced Chests work just like normal chests. Compared to them, they have 12 more slots of storage and are completely resistant to creeper explosions. They can be made from different materials, like iron, gold, diamond, emerald, and if you use mods, copper, tin, zinc and silver. The material doesn’t affect the chest in any way other than how it looks.

6765c  recipe reinforced chest Better Storage Screenshots

7e11c  reinforced chests Better Storage Screenshots

4eb14  reinforced chest gui Better Storage Screenshots

4eb14  icon crate Better Storage Screenshots
Storage Crates

Storage Crates are another storage option, with 18 slots each, sharing their inventory with all other connected crate blocks. This type of storage is not like your neatly organized chests, the items you put in here will be scrambled around. The crate GUI shows you up to a double chest worth of items, so when that’s full use shift-click to put more in and reopen the crate to find something that’s not displayed.
Storage Crates, being the stubborn blocks that they are, want to be placed together as a cube, so if you can’t expand a crate pile to one side, try placing some crates in other places so it is more cube-shaped. This is to prevent people from easily building lines of crates that can act as cheap instant pipes.

9f589  recipe crate Better Storage Screenshots

9f589  I16c3 Better Storage Screenshots

9f589  XJ2vv Better Storage Screenshots

9f589  Y7QGn Better Storage Screenshots

9f589  icon lock Better Storage Screenshots00d11  icon key Better Storage Screenshots
Locks and Keys

Locks and Keys can be used to lock Reinforced Chests. Each crafted key is unique, and can be duplicated or used to craft locks. Locks are attached by right-clicking a chest, and can be removed by shift-right-clicking with a fitting key.
Locks do not make the chest they’re attached to unbreakable, it will only take longer to be destroyed. You can further increase the security of the chest by enchanting the lock. Also note that keys can be enchanted to pick locks.

00d11  recipe key Better Storage Screenshotsdf136  recipe key copy Better Storage Screenshotsdf136  recipe lock Better Storage Screenshots

bbae5  reinforced chest locked Better Storage Screenshots

bbae5  icon lock enchanted Better Storage Screenshotsae1b0  icon key enchanted Better Storage Screenshots


Locks and keys can be enchanted, giving them extra protection or abilities.

Lock Enchantments

  • Persistance (I – V) – Makes the chest harder to break and even more resistant to explosions.
  • Security (I – V) – Offers protection against key enchantments.
  • Shock (I – III) – Damages players trying to open, break or unlock the chest unsuccessfully.
  • Trigger (I) – Makes the chest emit redstone when players try to open, break or unlock it unsuccessfully.

Key Enchantments

  • Lockpicking (I – V) – Opens / unlocks a locked chest once, then decreases the enchantment level.
  • Unlocking (I – V) – Has the ability to open more locks than it was crafted for. It’s rather random though.
  • Morphing (I – V) – Permanently changes the key into the one that would fit another lock.

Security basically lowers the effective level of any key enchantments. A Security III lock would be protected against Lockpicking III, Unlocking III and Morphing III, but not higher levels.