[1.5.1] Famous People Mod Download



Budder Portal: 
“GBG”,= Gold Block
= Budder

Red Stone Brick
Put an Brick and 1 redstone in the crafting table.

Blue Stone Brick
Put an Red Stone Brick in the crafting table.

Budder, Atlantic, Ninja, Squid:
These sword’s are crafted like vanilla once only with other ingot’s.

Iron Ingot, Leather

Fire Blade
Block of Gold, Block of Diamond, Lava Bucket

Hero Blade
6 Block of Diamonds

Herobrine Killer

H = Hero Blade
D = Diamond
S = Handle

Fire Sword

H = Fire Blade
D = Diamond
S = Handle

Wand Of Notch

S =  Blaze rod
D = Block of Diamonds
– = Nothing

Famous Mod is a mod that adds 43 Famous people to you’re minecraft. This mod also add some weapons and blocks, and Famous items

Famous People:

  • SkyDoesMinecraft (SkyDoesMinecraft)
  • Joebuz (TheAtlanticCraft)
  • TheCodyMaverick (TheAtlanticCraft)
  • Honeydew (Yogcast)
  • Xephos (Yogcast)
  • Sips (Yogcast)
  • Sjin (Yogcast)
  • Antvenom (AntVenom)
  • IpodMail (IpodMail)
  • CaptainSparklez (CaptainSparklez)
  • CaveManFilms (CaveManFilms)
  • MinecraftUniverse (MinecraftUniverse)
  • Wasliebob (Famous Mod Developer)
  • BebopVox (BebopVox)
  • Notch (Mojang)
  • HuskyMudkipz (HuskyMudkipz
  • Deadlox (Deadlox)
  • Jeb (Mojang)
  • ChimneySwift11 (ChimneySwift11)
  • xXSlyFoxHoundXx (xXSlyFoxHoundXx)
  • ThnxCya (ThnxCya)
  • paulsoaresjr (paulsoaresjr)
  • Mr360Game (Mr360Game)
  • Ninjaprolog (Ninjaprolog)
  • Hypixel (Hypixel)
  • SethBling (SethBling)
  • ihascupquake (ihascupquake)
  • Setosorcerer (Setosorcerer)
  • Gizzy Gazza (Gizzy Gazza)
  • KermitPlaysMinecraft (KermitPlaysMinecraft)
  • SSundee (SSundee)
  • DawnDigsMinecraft (DawnDigsMinecraft)
  • TCTNGaming (TCTNGaming)
  • MrGibbsPowerOn (MrGibbsPowerOn)
  • Hannah (Yogcast)
  • Duncan (Yogcast)
  • Martyn (Yogcast)
  • GameChap (AdamzoneTopMarks)
  • Bertie (AdamzoneTopMarks)
  • SCMowns (SCMowns2)
  • Three Secret one’s ……..

Items, Drops:

  • Budder: Drop From SkyDoesMinecraft
  • Squid Ingot: Drop from SquidMan
  • Atlantic Ingot: Drop from Joebuz, TheCodyMaverick
  • Ninja Ingot: Drop from Sasuke, Naruto, TheNinjaProlog
  • Jerry’s Sword: Drop from CaptainSparklez
  • Jaffa: Drop from Honeydew



  • Download Minecraft Forge and Famous People Mod
  • Go to you’re files and in the top bar type, “%appdata%”.
  • Then goto roaming and in there, there is a map named “.minecraft”
  • Open that one and search for a map named bin.
  • In that map there is a file called minecraft.jar, open that and put Minecraft Forge, and Famous in there.
  • Startup your minecraft and have fun!



  1. can you add tobuscus please 🙂

  2. you should add slamacow too

  3. hey i have magic lancher and it does not work can you help me?

  4. you need to not use the magic launcher delete that thing in minecraft.jar and its magic launcher no magic lancher



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