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b002a  MyBiome Mod 1 MyBiome Screenshots

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1f68b  MyBiome Mod 4 MyBiome Screenshots

Have you ever wanted to take out some of the biomes that you just can’t stand or add some new ones that Notch simply refuses to add no mater how much you tweet him? Well fear no more for now you can! The myBiome mod can not only do all of those things but is almost totally base class preserving! (only the world select menu has been changed)

Customization options for custom biomes:

  • Terrain type(Minimum and Maximum height)
  • Ore generation
  • Music to be played in specific biomes
  • Potion effects to take effect in specific biomes
  • The top and mid-layer blocks
  • Lake generation
  • Flower, tree, and tall grass generation
  • Water colour
  • Precipitation
  • Snow
  • Mob spawning


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download MyBiome Mod
  • Extract the mod into the minecraft.jar. (found in .minecraft/bin)
  • Done

Download links for other versions:



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