[1.5.1] PlasmaCraft Mod Download

0ab72  PlasmaCraft Mod [1.5.1] PlasmaCraft Mod Download

PlasmaCraft is a mod for Minecraft that adds in 8 new caustic liquids, and various blocks and items based on them, like weapons, glowing neon wool, acid TNT and acid barriers.

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  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download PlasmaCraft Mod
  • Extract the archive into the root of your Minecraft folder (where the mods, coremods, etc folders are).
  • Works for both server and client

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PlasmaCraft Screenshots

7e7fb  PlasmaCraft Mod 1 PlasmaCraft Screenshots

203e0  PlasmaCraft Mod 2 PlasmaCraft Screenshots